sad company

The Sad story

It was during Charlie Troop's 2019-2020 deployment that the idea for Sad Company was sparked. Our message is based off four simple concepts: Brotherhood, Accountability, Chaos, and Love.

The origin

Sad Company originated in Charlie Troop on the 2019-2020  deployment. On a T-wall behind the BDOC was a frowning X-eyed face with "Sad Boi Club" painted under it, long before our time in country. The mural and the "club" it advertised was adopted by paratroopers of all ranks who shared a mutual distain for their current environment. 

The brand

The sad boi club T-wall was then combined with the original Charlie Troop Spade to create a small batch of patches, and an official logo. The "Club" for lack of a better   term, brought paratroopers together during some of the best and worst parts of their career and continues to do so.

The mission

After redeployment, COVID, 2020's EIB, and the creation of our social media page, the Sad Boi Club has evolved into the Sad Company, spreading across the 3rd BCT and the 82nd. The message of the page remains the same as it was two years ago: Celebrate the good times, be there for your buddies during the bad.

Meet our founders

Left: Maggie Mae

Right: Dennis Vaccaro

Contact us

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